SAPHARMA LLC was established as a brand in the United States dietary supplements. Our work revolves around genetics and described, Food additives, baby milk and medical disposables development and production. Our core products include most of the area of ​​genetics necessary basic medical care, as recommended by the World Health Organization (WHO). But also it extends to the antibiotics penicillin and painkillers, as well as vitamins and other generic drugs in the traditional forms. Our products meet the requirements of medicines are valid internationally. Consumer goods are manufactured in our comprehensive range of medical products according to CE mark the most up-to-date and highest possible standards and carry. These include bandaging materials, syringes and canola, infusion and transfusion sets, catheters, gloves on, blood bags and heat transfer. These products are provided under the brand names SAPHARMA LLC (SAVIT, MAMI gummy, and MAYALAC) to many countries. They are subject to constant strict inspection of raw materials, manufacturing and quality carried out by our quality assurance department, as well as inspections by accredited laboratories independent state. In addition, specialists are able responsible for the areas of documentation products, instructions for use, product approval and registration. And it held an extensive inventory across our branches all over the world, which allows for rapid processing and delivery of most of the required products frequently. And our representatives and exclusive agents in many countries 24 hours ready for your support as required, thus ensuring a smooth and reliable delivery. We have a successful cooperation with the ministries of health and relief organizations and wholesalers all over the world can be attributed to the outstanding market knowledge and our consulting, support, and reliability and quality recognized worldwide for our products. We offer health SAPHARMA LLC ensures that each product has passed strict quality assurance procedures. Our products are made under the advanced technology by the most advanced GMP approved pharmaceutical laboratories, under the strictest quality control standards that will satisfy all health systems established in all parts of the world.